I am consumed with working metal. From decorative metal work
to architectural-scaled public art, metalsmithing is my life. This
work has evolved from what I call fabrication - cutting and welding -
to traditional metalsmithing and blacksmithing.  My passion for
metalsmithing is derived from organic materials found in the earth:
iron, copper, silver, and bronze, and then working them by hand
and fire to reveal a myriad of forms, textures and colors.  Some
of the prominent techniques I use everyday include forging, chasing,
repousse, welding, soldering, and brazing.

My training is in fine arts and sculpture with an early career in
computer graphics and animation. I received a B.F.A from Drake
University and an M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota. I have been
on the path of metal work since high school, and received my first
commission in college from a local businessman to design, build, and
install a large outdoor sculpture.

Sculpting introduced me to a variety of materials and techniques that
allow me to model, cut, bend, hammer, weld, and otherwise move the
material and change its shape. The outcome includes fine art,
decorative utilitarian objects, furniture, jewelry, and large outdoor public
art installations.

There is something primal at the core of this work that grows into
something elegant and beautiful. My goal is to find myself in the
"dance" with the tools and materials, which results in an object people
appreciate and enjoy. It's a never-ending process to go deeper, learn
more, and get better.

I can be found living and working in my studio near the confluence of
the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with
my wife, Kelly and my golden retriever, Sadie.